User research: Innovative buildings in aspern - Vienna´s Urban Lake Side

Project type: Consulting
Project area: Austria
Client: ASCR
Period: 09/2014-12/2018


Our client is Aspern Smart City Research GmbH & Co KG (ASCR), and the project is carried out via collaboration platform the transition partners. ASCR leads a research team consisting of several organisations developing new services and products in the field of sustainable building energy supply. It is the objective to contribute to the Smart City of the future with secure, reliable, and affordable state of the art technology.

We work together with the users of selected buildings in Seestadt Aspern to better understand consumer habits and users’ requirements and expectations regarding products and services related with energy efficiency and renewable energy use in buildings. Based on our findings, we provide input for technical research and development as well as input for the development of sustainable energy-related services for the future.

The Climate and Energy Fund supports this activity: