Energy and Buildings in African Regions

Project type: Integrated project
Project area: Africa
Client: EiABC, AEA/ECREEE, etc.
Period: 01/2013-06/2018


In the ECOWAS region and in Ethiopia (among other African regions) there is strong economic growth, an increase in population, and as a consequence, building construction is booming. There is an enormous need for affordable and decent housing and due to the growing economy there is also an increasing need for office buildings and other non-residential buildings such as hospitals, educational buildings, hotels, and others. The demand for energy services is skyrocketing. Therefore there is a strong interest in integrating energy efficiency criteria and renewable energy technologies into the building code. Buildings should be designed, constructed, and operated in a way that energy consumption is reduced to a minimum and the remaining energy need can be covered by renewable energy sources. In this project we work on optimising design procedures, developing tools to support experts during the design and construction process, and elaborating specific strategies for policy making. We work on demonstration projects with local experts and together we analyse existing material and tools from other countries regarding their suitability and adaptability to the regions under investigation.