User behaviour and the impact on the operation of nearly zero energy buildings

Project type: Research
Project area: Austria
Client: FFG
Period: 07/2012-06/2014


GINGER - Gender aspects in using buildings, energy and resources

This study tackles user behaviour and consumer aspects in highly energy efficient buildings and analyses the building design concept in comparison with actual energy consumption. The interdisciplinary project team applies new socio-scientific methods to develop innovative solutions for influencing user behaviour which undergo trial runs in selected buildings. Results will contribute to improving communication measures, design process, and product development in order to make use of the full potential of energy savings due to user behaviour.

The project team consists of the following partners:

Edeltraud Haselsteiner, architecture and design (project management)
Susanne Geissler, energy efficiency and renewable energy, environmental engineering
Siegrun Klug, motivation and market research

Gender and diversity aspects, and social sciences:
Institute ImKontext.
Gabriele Barehr, managing director Institute ImKontext
Sabine Steinbacher, scientific director Institute ImKontext

More information: Factsheets (German)